Coarse Grind Podcast

The gonzo culinary podcast of Shawn Rosler

Coarse Grind #40- Stephen Wright

The one with Stephen Wright.

Coarse Grind #39- Beth Aretsky

The one with Beth Aretsky.

Coarse Grind #38- Angelo Sosa

The one with Angelo Sosa.

Coarse Grind #37- Alison Walter

The one with Alison Walter.

Coarse Grind #36- Issac Toups

The one with Isaac- and Amanda!- Toups.

Coarse Grind #35- Josie Malave

Shawn interviews Josie Malave, chef and social activist.

Coarse Grind #34- Ricky Thomas

Shawn talks to Ricky Thomas, executive chef of the Irving Cliff Brewery.

Coarse Grind #33- Karen Akunowicz

Shawn talks with Karen Akunowicz.

Coarse Grind #32- Kristina Steward

The one with Kristina Steward.

Coarse Grind #31- Keith Breedlove

Shawn talks with Chef Keith Breedlove.