Coarse Grind Podcast

The gonzo culinary podcast of Shawn Rosler

Coarse Grind #57- Dan Yarnall

The one with Dan Yarnall.

Coarse Gind #56- David Rosengarten

The one with David Rosengarten.

Coarse Grind #55- Chef Jim Smith

The one with chef Jim Smith.

Coarse Grind #54- Adam Shoemaker Redux

The next one with Adam Shoemaker.

Coarse Grind #53- Jamie Lynch

The one with Jamie Lynch.

Coarse Grind #52- Brian Boak

The one with Brian Boak.

Coarse Grind #51- John Tesar

The one with Chef John Tesar.

Coarse Grind Podcast #50- Live Episode

For the 50th episode, a very special edition of the Coarse Grind Podcast, recorded in front of a live audience at the Alvina Krause Theatre in Bloomsburg, PA. The guests we Natalie Lynn (first heard on episode #28), Shannon Maria Jones (first heard on episode #45), Steven Neumeister (first heard on episode #29), Andrew Nebel (first heard on episode #26) and Gary Vadakin (first heard on episode #4.)

Coarse Grind #49- Casey Thompson

The one with chef Casey Thompson.

Coarse Grind #48- Rich Schraeder & Matt Lambert

The one with Rich Schraeder & Matt Lambert.