Coarse Grind Podcast

The gonzo culinary podcast of Shawn Rosler

Coarse Grind #72- Tanya Holland

The one with Tanya Holland.

Coarse Grind #71- Carrie Baird

The one with Carrie Baird.

Coarse Grind #70- Laura Cole

The one with chef Laura Cole.

Coarse Grind #69- Tu David Phu.

The one with Tu David Phu.

Coarse Grind #68- Katsuji Tanabe

The one with Katsuji Tanabe.

Coarse Grind #67- Brian Balthazar

The one with Brian Balthazar.

Coarse Grind #66- Chili Cookoff

The one with the chili cookoff at the Agape Center in Bloomsburg, PA.

Coarse Grind #65- Old Tioga Farm

The one with the fine folks of Old Tioga Farm.

Coarse Grind #64- Dinner with Schmucks

The one with the crew from the Dinner with Schmucks podcast.

Coarse Grind #63- Chef Giselle Wellman Redux

The 2nd one with Chef Giselle Wellman.